Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Goozberry’s range of handcrafted furniture made from sustainable and locally sourced wood add an irresistible charm of eco-consciousness to the modern home.

Each piece is handmade by our skilled craftsman leaving each one truly unique and no two exactly the same. Most of our items are made to order which allow for customization if required.

Please allow for a 4 week lead time (approx.) depending on the size of the order, stock, or shipping requirements. We will notify you the approximate delivery date once ordered.

Rochelle wine server
Servers & Wine Racks
Kruger Plasma Stand
Plasma Stands
Elgin patio set
Patio Sets
Natural Table
Tables & Benches
Kalahari Coffee Table
Coffee Tables
Sandton Bookcase
Displays & Bookcases
Midlands Island
Kitchen Islands
Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture
Office Desk
Office Furniture
Kids Furniture
Pet Furniture

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