Planting a forest

Planting a Forest

Because we use mainly reclaimed timber in our furniture, customers can combat climate change and save more trees for the future. And now for every item ordered by our customers, we will grow a tree.

The goal is to eventually plant an indigenous urban forest from our hardy Brachylaena and Tarchonanthus camphoratus trees, which we propagate from seed.

Brachylaena and Tarchonanthus

Brachylaena and Tarchonanthus are closely related, drought resistant and very hardy. Tarchonanthus can reshoot from the base after fire.

The Khoisan people tied the leaves into hair to perfume the hair or rubbed into the scalp to keep the hair free of nits and dandruff or just for the perfume. Leaves and twigs are used as an insect repellent among clothing and linen. The fragrant, cottony seed heads are used to stuff cushions and pillows, which are said to be excellent for headaches and sleeplessness. Leaves tucked under the pillow are said to ensure a peaceful night. The wood burns, even when green, giving off a perfumed smoke. Burned leaves and seeds also give off perfumed smoke and are used to fumigate huts, and smoke is inhaled to treat rheumatism, headaches and sleeplessness.